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NYSAR Uniform regulations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

K9 - NYS Federation K9 Standards

SAR Ready Pack

Constitution & By Laws

Operations Orders

List of available maps on this site

Search & Rescue

Basic Rescue Skills (Canadian)

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure, gloves and hand sanitizers

Crime Scene Investigation, a guide for law enforcement by US Dept of Justice

Decontaminating Rope and Web

GPS Map Position Coordinate Issues

Harness - Will your safety harness kill you?

Harness Suspension : Review and Evaluation of Existing Evaluation

HAZMAT - DOT Emergency Response Guidebook 2008


Investigation and Interviewing - Techniques for Search and Rescue Responders

Land Search Methods Review (long and technical)

Lightning Facts Sheet

Map and Compass for Firefighter by National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NFES 2554)

Mounted SAR Conditioning for Horse and Rider

Noticeable colors by Bob Wiseman

PETS - What to do if your pet is missing

Radio communication logging program - DOS based EXEcutable - Zipped

Rope Life: When to retire your rescue lifeline

SAR Equipment List Compilation by Mike McDonald

SAR Initial Attack Recommended Actions and Forms

SAR Personal Equipment by ERI (excerpt from Field Operating Guide to SAR)

Scents and Sense-Ability (from Forensic Magazine)

Search Theory Data and Research by Rick LaValla

SKYWARN Basic Spotters' Field Guide

SKYWARN Advanced Spotters' Field Guide

United States National Grid system (USNG)

Urban SAR basic preparedness

UTM - How to read UTM

Washing Rope Rescue Equipment

Wind chill chart

SAR Ready Pack

Snakebite Emergency First Aid Information         Snakebites (html version)

United States National Grid reader overlay

9-11 Commission Executive Summary

9-11 Commission - Full Report


Prepared for the woods (Canadian)
Homeland Security Advisory System
How to react when terrorists attack
HNuclear Terrorism
Are You Ready - A Guide to Citizen Preparedness by FEMA


Updated 02 June 2008

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