A member of
NYS Federation of Search & Rescue Teams
New York Search and Rescue

Area Serviced New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster & Sullivan Counties.   Anywhere in New York State or surrounding areas for mutual aid or NY State Federation assistance request.
--- Activation must be made by an Emergency Services Organization or Responsible Agency / Search and Rescue Team ---

    Primary Contact 917-854-2012
                Alternate Contact 201-214-6276
                    Alternate contact 866-669-9727
Skills Many members are NY State Military Search & Rescue certified, most are NYS DEC Basic Wildlands SAR and several DEC Crew Bosses.   Nine (9) NASAR SARTECH III's,  twelve (12) NASAR SARTECH II, three (3) SARTECH I; two (2) K9 SAR Tech III.  NIMS compliant.  Competant in all search types.   Certified in Technical (high angle) Rescue.   
Equipment One (1) 28 foot mobile operations trailer with generators, light sets, VHF / UHF radios and antennas, support equipment, generators, etc.   One (1) ten foot inflateable boat.   NASAR standard field packs.   All members are 72 hours self sustaining
Radios Fourty (40) VHF portables on various SAR / local mutual aid freqs and the ability to reprogram at base camp,  several 50 watt VHF mobile radios,  mobile VHF repeater,  VHF (hi band), UHF (mid and hi), Airband and Marine capable,  digital audio recording capability,  crossband VHF/UHF repeater capability,  three (3) 30 foot antenna masts,  one (1) 80 foot antenna mast,  four members are HAM radio operators.
Medical Twenty (20) EMT-D's (two are U.S. Army medics),  four (4) CFR's,  one(1) Nurse,  one(1) Paramedic,  one(1) M.D.,  BLS kits;   All members have First Aid and CPR.
Technical Most members are Police, Fire, EMS or Military and bring countless years of Emergency Services experience.   Numerous GPS units available.   Technical (high angle) Rescue,  Ice Rescue,  Water Rescue.   Includes State Military Search & Rescue Instructors,  State Fire Academy Technical Rescue Instructor,  U.S. Army Combat Life Saver Instructors,  NASAR SARTECH I Coordinators; Ski Patrol,  Post Traumatic Stress Debriefers and corporate technical rescue instructors.
Maps Four computerized moving map displays (GPS enabled),  several state topo atlases,  most USGS paper maps for covered areas; aeronautical charts; nautical charts;  MapTech software for New York State and adjoining states plus TOPO! software for our primary region.
Additional DHS / FEMA Resource Typing:
  • Wilderness SAR Team: Type III -- trained to Type I skill level
  • Mountain SAR Team: Type III
  • Mobile Communications Center (Mobile EOC): Type IV
  • Communications Support Team: Type III
  • Swiftwater / Flood SAR: Type IV
  • New York Search & Rescue (NYSAR)
    91-33 221 Street #1350
    Queens Village, NY 11428-1350
    917-854-2012 cell

    Web Page:

    New York Search And Rescue . org

    NYSAR Chief
    Joey Nickischer
    917-854-2012 cell
    President @

    Asst Chief
    "Mickey" Favoino
    914-805-9088 cell
    E-Mail: newburghrescue@aol.com

    Deputy Chief
    John Passarotti
    201-214-6276 cell
    E-Mail: DeputyChief @

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