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  • Search & Rescue Teams / Organizations

  • New York State Federation of Search & Rescue Teams (NYSFEDSAR)

  • Search & Rescue Council of New Jersey (SARCNJ)

  • New Jersey Search and Rescue (NJSAR)

  • Tidewater (Virginia) Search & Rescue

  • Hudson Valley Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team

    American Rescue Dog Association

    Combat Search & Rescue

    Dive Rescue

    Empire State Animal Response Team

    International Search and Rescue Alliance

    International Society of Professional Trackers

    Mountain Rescue Association (MRA)

    National Association of Search & Rescue (NASAR)

    National Cave Rescue Commission

    National Institute for Urban Search & Rescue

    State Urban Search and Rescue Association (SUSAR)

    Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER)

    Search & Rescue equipment suppliers

  • Newburgh Rescue Supply

  • SAR Camp SAR Camp

    Adventure GPS Products

    dbs Productions

    The Fire Store

    SAR Info

    Search Gear

    Local New York & Federal (Govt) Emergency Services Organizations / Resources


    National Homeland Security Knowledgebase

  • Search & Rescue Internet directory

    1ST Special Response Group Articles

    The Air Scenting Horse

    The Aladin Interactive Sky Atlas

    All Hands Community

    Are you prepared for the first 72 hours?

    Avalanche info

    Avalanche Research

    Battery test of double A (AA) batteries

    BRMRG Knot Review

    CAP Emergency Services Resources (training material)

    CLMRG Stretcher Procedures

    Critical Incident Stress

    Elevations and Distances in the United States

    EPA Excessive Heat Event guidebook

    Fatigue and SAR Research

    Finding your way with map and compass


    Forensic Magazine - many intersting articles

    GPS equipment reviews

    How GPS works by Trimble

    GPS Page of US Forest Service


    Institute for Canine Forensics

    Knots by Irish Climbing On-line

    Knots - Animated knots by Grog

    Knots on the web by Peter Suber (HUGE resource!)

    Get knotted! Animated knots

    SAR K9 Legal Advice

    Learn how to use a compass

    LED lights comparison by Dan's Data

    The Lightweight Backpacker

    Lyme Disease Newtwork

    Map and Compass Fundamentals

    Map Tools - FREE mapping tools!

    Mounted Search & Rescue (MSAR)

    National Institute for Urban Search & Rescue

    National Wildfire Coordinating Group

    NIMS National Incident Management System Online

    North American Search Dog Network

    Rescue Rigger virtual rope rescue software

    RESCUE training resource and guide

    Rope and gear testing

    Rope FAQ by Sterling Rope Company

    SAR Bayes - Bayesian models for Search and Rescue

    Search & Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking

    United States National Grid

    UTM - How to read grids

    Veterinarian - 5 minute consultation guide

    Winter cold weather driving / exposure / storm safety tips

    Winter driving advice

    Winter driving factsheet (by FEMA)

    Winter driving information

    Winter safety sheets (by FEMA)

    Wikipedia: Search and Rescue

    WildeBeat Wilderness Rescuing article


  • Find a Search & Rescue Team in your area! (Courtesy BRMRG)

  • Search & Rescue dot US. Find local SAR teams.

    Digital Topographical Maps by coordinate (TopoZone)

    Custom Topographical Maps by National Geographic

    NYS Digital Raster Quadrangles (full size digital topos)

    Shoeprint & Tire Track Examination Resources

    Snohomish County (WA) SAR Soles (Tracking)

    Online field guide to tracks and tracking

    GPS Satellite planning software

    Weather Satellite Tracking

    Landings.com - Aviation databases, planning, weather, law, etc.

    Tele Atlas (Lat / Long & census info from address)

    Area Code Map

    U.S. Census TIGER Map by Lat / Long

    NOAA Historical Nautical Maps (view online)

    NESDIS Satellite Weather Imagery & Information

    Calculators on-line Center -- over 16,000 different calculators

    Map & Atlas (Cartography) page by G & B Lane

    Intellicast Weather

    US Navy Safety Center - lots of safety resources

    Sun and Moon data (rise & set)

    GPS Visualizer - creates maps and profiles from GPS data

    DMapper GPS radio tracking and mapping

    American Red Cross Safe and Well registry

    The Bone Room - real human bones for K9 SAR training


    Amateur Radio Reference Library

    Automatic Position Reporting System

    FindU (Online APRS viewing)

    QRZ Ham Radio Information and Resources

    Amateur Radio Relay League

    Training Schools

  • Newburgh Rescue Supply - Technical Rope Rescue & SAR training

  • SARTAC Survival And Rescue Training And Consulting

  • Peak Rescue Institute - Rope Rescue and Related Disciplines

    Clemson University Large Animal Rescue

    U.S. Coast Guard Training Center (National SAR School)

    Code 3 Associates - disaster response for animal rescue operations

    Jonni Joyce Training the K-9 Specialist Seminars

    Mountain Trackers Association

    Ropes That Rescue

    Search & Response K9

    Team Lifeguard Systems - water rescue

    Universal Tracking Services


  • Bedford (NY) DOG Owners Group

    Healing Emergency Aid Response Team 911 (HEART 911)

    Queens Village Civic Association

    1 Bn, 9 Rgt, NYG (1/9)

    Bujinkan Bruin Dojo, New York

    BWarrior Mixed Martial Arts Academy

    Belleayre Mountain Ski Resort

    Long Island Children's Museum

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