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13 June 2008


On Friday 13 June 2008, New York Search and Rescue was called to Sussex County, NJ in the search for missing 58 year old woman in Stokes State Forest.

The subject, who was known to suffer from Dementia, had gone for a walk in the forest.

On the third day of the search, the subject was found alive, with minor injuries.

John O'Connor, a HAZMAT Technician and certified searcher said "This is the type of outcome we all hope for." "And it's the second save in the past 30 days for many of us", continued NYSAR team member Tom Capruso, a Search and Rescue Technician. "The teamwork and expertise of all of the volunteer search and rescue teams in the area is paying off."

See the following link for more information:

WNBC video of the search

Search and rescue teams on scene included New York Search and Rescue, New Jersey Search and Rescue, New Jersey Initial Response Team, Ramapo Rescue Dogs and Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue. The local resouces included NJ Forest Fire, Sussex County OEM, Sussex County CERT, NJ State Parks Police and the Sussex County Sheriff.

25 May 2008


On Saturday 24 May 2008, New York Search and Rescue was called to assist the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers in the search for missing 4 year old boy in the vicinity of Mongaup Valley, NY.

The subject was Daniel Niktalova from Forest Hills, NY, who was vacationing at a camp ground with his family.

After spending over 24 hours lost in the woods, Daniel was found in good condition.

New York Search and Rescue Chief Joey Nickischer said "It was a great effort on behalf of everyone involved. The DEC [Forest Rangers] did a great job coordinating the search and the Sullivan County Police, Fire, EMS and Emergency Management personnel were great to work with."

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Local search and rescue teams on scene included New York Search and Rescue, New Jersey Search and Rescue, New Jersey Initial Response Team, Ramapo Rescue Dogs and Sullivan County Search and Rescue.

14 November 2007


For the second year in a row, we have a received a generous donation from the Bujinkan Bruin Dojo in New York City.

The Dojo hosted their 4th Annual 9/11 commemorative funraising seminar on 08 September 2007 at B-Warrior Dojo on 53 Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan, NY. This event had an "extraordinary collection of martial artists form as far afield as MA, NJ, NY, PA, GA, NC, including Dojo’s in Florida and upstate New York and as far west has you can get without getting your feet wet", proclaims Mark from Bujinkan Bruin Dojo.

Their event announcement has a great quote which reads: "Ultimately the greatest gift is the selfless act of sacrifice to help others, at this moment in time there are hundreds of thousands of the men and women of our armed services defending our rights and freedoms, At home we are protected and cared for by our Police and Fire Departments this includes EMT’s, Nurses and Doctors, on any given day we are cared for by individuals we do not acknowledge or even know. We as a society are only as strong as the community in which we live and support, we are now part of a global community, a community where we as individuals are responsible for the health, welfare and safety of everyone in it, to the exclusion of no one."

"We can't thank them enough", said New York Search and Rescue Chief Joey Nickischer. "Their patriotism and zeal to support the emergency services is outstanding."

New York Search and Rescue is an all volunteer team, composed primarily of off duty police, fire, medical and military personnel, who give freely of their valuable off duty time in an effort to save lives and alleviate suffering, throughout the lower Hudson Valley area.

Bujinkan Bruin Dojo

28 August 2007


On Tuesday 28 August 2007, New York Search and Rescue was called for mutual aid by New Jersey Search and Rescue, on behalf of the Emerson (NJ) Police Department, to assist in the search for missing 42 year old female in the vicinity of the Oradell Reservoir.

The subject was Liza Murphy, whose husband tried to commit suicide after she vanished.

Althoug hundreds of searchers were utilized in the search, the subject was not recovered. The police ar continuing their investiagtion.

Deputy Chief John Passarotti did a live interview, along side Emerson Police Chief Michael Saudino, on CNN's Nancy Grace show. Click here for transcript.

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21 June 2007


On Wednesday 20 June 2007, New York Search and Rescue was called by the NYS DEC to assist in the search for missing persons in the flood ravaged area of Roscoe, NY.

Search crews from throughout the region, including New York Search and Rescue, NYS DEC Forest Rangers, NYS Environmental Conservation Police (ENCON), New York State Police (NYSP), NYS Federation of Search and Rescue Teams (FEDSAR), Roscoe-Rockland Fire Deparment and numerous adjoing Fire Departments converged on the devastated area along Route 206, just north of Roscoe into Delaware County, to search for 4 missing persons who were presumed by local authorities to have been overtaken by the flood waters.

The search concentrated primarily on an approximately 1 mile stretch of Route 206, near Beaver Kill Road and Ackerman Acres Road. "Whole houses were just washed away", said Assistant Chief Mickey Favoino, "It's a real tragedy."

Recovery efforts were expected to last well into next week.

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12 June 2007


On Tuesday 12 June 2007, the New York Daily News ran a front page story about a group and/or groups known by the names and/or initials: Metro New York Search and Rescue (MNYSAR); New York Rescue Response Team (NYRRT); New York Rescue Squad (NYRS); and their unauthorized use of official New York State license plates.

Our team, New York Search and Rescue (NYSAR) is -NOT- affiliated with any of these groups and has never worked with any of these groups. Additionally, none of our vehicles bear official New York State license plates and have never had official New York State License Plates.

Our documented record of searching for lost, missing or trapped subjects speaks for itself.

We ARE affiliated with the following organizations: New York State Federation of Search and Rescue (NYSFEDSAR); Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey (SARCNJ); and the New York State Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue Association (NYSVARA).

31 January 2007


New York Search and Rescue provided standby rescue and first aid support, for six nights, during the movie production "I am Legend" starring Wil Smith.

Deputy Chief John Passarotti was tasked as Incident Commander for New York Search and Rescue and oversaw all aspects of the support activation. "There were over 1,000 people on set and the temperature dipped down to the single digits several nights. We had to call an ambulance for several people suffering from cold weather related issues." he said.

This scene in the movie was based on a barge moored on the East River, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Several ships from the US Coast Guard were present throught the shoot plus a US Army National Guard Blackhawk and US Coast Guard helicopter. The vessels were utilized for various shots, which were simulating a mass evacuation from New York City.

The film is scheduled for release around 14 December 2007.

26 December 2006


We have a received a generous donation from the Bujinkan Bruin Dojo in New York City.

The Dojo held a fundraising event and generously decided to give the funds directly to New York Search and Rescue.

"The money will go a long way on our team", said New York Search and Rescue Chief Joey Nickischer. "With the small budget we operate with, every extra dollar goes directly towards supporting our goal of saving lives."

New York Search and Rescue is an all volunteer team, composed primarily of off duty police, fire, medical and military personnel, who give freely of their valuable off duty time in an effort to save lives and alleviate suffering, throughout the lower Hudson Valley area.

Bujinkan Bruin Dojo

19 December 2006


Congratulations are in order for several of our team members:

  • Andy L. has been appointed as a Police Officer with the El Dorado (AR) Police Department.
  • Brenda M. recently received a full scholarship for Paramedic school.
  • Matt S. also has been chosen by his employer to go to Paramedic school.
  • John P. and Joey N. earned their certification as NASAR SARTECH I Coordinators, of which there are only about 18 in the United States.
  • Joe P. earned his NASAR SARTECH I certification, of which there are only about 400 people who have reached this level of certification.
  • New York Search and Rescue has been listed as an external reference link under the "search and rescue" entry.
    Wiki: Search and Rescue


    18 September 2005


    It has been brought to our attention that certain person(s) and/or organization(s) may have been claiming to have played a role in our recent Louisiana deployment and/or to be otherwise affiliated with us.

    Understand that New York Search and Rescue will only deploy for GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS and/or the RESPONSIBLE AGENCY (RA) having jurisdiction over a particular locale, and such was the case in our response to Louisiana. We deployed at the direct request of Louisiana Governmental Entities and did not deploy with or under any other person(s) or organization(s).

    New York Search and Rescue has not, and will not, deploy at the request of individual citizens or private entities.

    Additionally, we are only affiliated with the three (3) organizations listed on our homepage, which are the New York State Federation of Search and Rescue, the New York State Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Association, and the New Jersey Search and Rescue Council.

    If there is ever a question about any individual or organization claiming to represent, or be otherwise affiliated with, New York Search and Rescue, please contact us at any of the phone numbers, e-mail addresses or regular mailing address listed on our webpage and we will immediately take steps to verify the authenticity of the claim.

    September 2005


    In the wake of hurricane Katrina, New York Search and Rescue responded to the request for assistance from the Louisiana Governor's Office and deployed to Baton Rouge, LA.

    Upon check in with Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, whom was in charge of all search and rescue efforts, we were assigned to assist Ascencion Parish with their needs and deployed to their staging area.

    We were assigned an escort of Ascencion Parish Police / SWAT officers and made the rounds through the communities, including Jefferson Parish and Plaquemines Parish for any search and rescue needs these areas had, before finally making our way into waterlogged New Orleans city center.

    In the end, were able to rescue about 40-50 people from the city and evacuate them to the Superdome, where bus evacuation out of the city was available and ongoing.

    Additionally, through our vast network of Emergency Services contacts, we were able to supply one Parish with 38 pallets of MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) within 30 hours. That's 21,888 meals.

    The situation is pretty bad and is likely the worst disaster ever, on United States soil. The worst affected areas, in terms of flooding, seem to be the older, smaller homes located in the inner city area of New Orleans. Most other Parishes have suffered major storm / wind damage too, and need significant rehabilitation.

    For the time being, New York Search and Rescue has demobilized from Louisiana and is in the process of restocking our supplies and rehabilitating our equipment for the next inevitable call for assistance.

    Times Ledger article

    August 2005


    New York Search and Rescue has recieved a request from the Louisiana Governor's Office for assistance from Hurricane Katrina.

    Upon receipt of the written request, we will be assisting them in whatever capacity they need (rescue, recovery, triage, evacuations, etc.)

    Cash donations are needed and we are bringing them as much equipment as we can haul.

    Donations can be mailed to:

    New York Search and Rescue
    91-33 221 Street #1350
    Queens Village, NY 11428-1350

    New York Search and Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are deductible to the extent allowed by law.

    June 2005


    New York Search and Rescue was called to assist in the search for a missing Cessna 182 aircraft that disappeared from radar on 19 June 2005 in the Sussex County, NJ area.

    Search crews from as far away as Pennsylvania and southern NJ converged on the staging area at the Hardyston (NJ) Fire Department to assist local police, fire and emergency management personnel.

    Unfortunately, there were two serious injuries during the search. One New Jersey State Trooper was injured when his ATV fell over a twenty foot embankment and a searcher from PA was injured when he fell down a mossy rock strewn area. Both injuries required evacuations to the local hospital.

    The search was hampered by the thickly wooded area, rough terrain and lightning storms.

    The aircraft was found by search crews on Thursday 23 June 2005, east of the reported radar track. There were no survivors.

    Daily Record article
    North Jersey article
    NJ Herald article
    NJ Herald news article
    North Jersey article
    North Jersey follow up article

    January 2005


    New York Search and Rescue was activated to assist in the search for a man who went missing in th 14,000 acre Hudson Highlands State Park in Putnam County, NY.

    The subject is a 63 year old man named Myung Geuk Choi, from Queens, NY, who disappeared on Sunday 05 January 2005 along the very steep and rugged terrain called Breakneck Ridge. The trail, which runs along the border of Putnam and Dutchess Counties, is extremely steep in places, as high as 70 degrees of inclination.

    Search crews included New York Search and Rescue, New Jersey Search and Rescue, Ramapo Rescue Dogs, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers, local police and fire departments and the NYS Park Police.

    The search was put on hold after two weeks with no results. The subject was found several weeks later at the bottom of a cliff by a climber, outside of the search area.

    Journal News article
    CBS News article
    ABC Eyewitness News article

    January 2005


    Due to the generosity of Wal Mart Super Center # 2637's Manager Scott Satterfield and the efforts of Barbara H. Favoino of Newburgh Rescue Supply, we have found an ideal location for the storage of our Mobile Command Trailer between activations.

    The 28 foot long RV style trailer that New York Search and Rescue utilizes for command, control and rehabilitation of the team is now centrally located within our coverage area. The location of Wal Mart # 2637 in Monroe, NY, with its easy access to highways, ample parking space and availability to re-supply make it an ideal parking area for the team.

    "It's a win-win situation", decalred New York Search and Rescue Assistant Chief John Passarotti. "We get safe, secure parking for our Command Trailer, and Wal Mart gains respect and recognition for helping the community."

    New York Search and Rescue is an all volunteer team, composed primarily of off duty police, fire, medical and military personell, who give freely of their valuable off duty time in an effot to save lives and alleviate suffering, throughout the lower Hudson Valley area. "We've already participated in one search this year, in Putnam County, NY", added Chief Joseph Nickischer.

    20 September 2004


    This past week New York Search and Rescue, along with New Jersey Search and Rescue, hosted the Tri State Search and Rescue Conference on the Belleayre Mountain Ski Resort in the Catskills. The conference was supported by the New York State Federation of Search and Rescue, the New Jersey Search and Rescue Council and the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council.

    Feedback thus far has been extremely positive. We had over 170 searchers and 50 canines in attendance over the course of the five day conference. Classes included NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Certification Classes, NASAR SAR Tech Certifications, a very extensive list of Canine Training classes including K9 water search, human remains detection and disaster camp, GPS Use, Digital Mapping, Personal Locator Beacons (PLB's), Mounted SAR, Communications, Aircraft Search Management by the US Air Force, equipment vendors including Newburgh Rescue Supply and as a special treat for attendees, we had massage therapy and accu-puncture available for free. Not to mention our Famous Live Auction!

    The special donated item of the evening was a United States Flag that had been flown over Baghdad, Iraq, complete with certificate of authenticity that the flag had been flown specifically for Search and Rescue Teams in the United States.

    June 2004


    We have been in contact with a production company associated with TLC (The Learning Channel) about doing a television show called 'Help Wanted for TLC.' We had meetings and even scouted a location with them for filming. Unfortunately, between their very tight shooting schedule and our tight schedule between events, we were unable to complete the show.

    But, we steered them to Central Jersey Technical Rescue Team, of which some of the members are also the owners / operators of a company called 'Over the Edge.' They were able to accomodate the tight shooting schedule of the TLC film crew and did the game show episode. We understand they even brought in some people from NASAR (National Association for Search and Rescue) to assist them.

    We wish them lots of luck with the program and look forward to seeing it on television this fall.

    June 2004


    New York Search and Rescue took delivery of our brand new 2005 Pilgrim 284RB Mobile Command Trailer from Butler Home and RV Center in Sparrowbush, NY. The purchase was made possible primarily through a grant, along with concessions from both Butler Home and RV Center and the trailer manufacturer, Pilgrim International. Lettering was done by 'Gross Graphics' in Newburgh, NY.

    This Mobile Command Trailer will allow the team to offer a variety of functions under one roof, depending on the needs of the incident. These include: Incident Command, rehabilitation (thanks to the climate control system, refridgerator/freezer and cooking facilities), bathroom facilities, briefing / debriefing area, equipment storage and communications. Special thanks to Newburgh Rescue Supply for assisting us in properly equipping our new trailer. Pictures of the trailer are posted in the PHOTOS section of the team web page.

    We are still looking for a permanent off street parking location for our trailer, as it is very large (28 feet plus the 4 foot tongue) and it doesn't easily fit in many locations. We need an area where our trailer can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is relatively easy to get in and out of. And although the trailer is only used about once a month, on average, we do need instant access at all hours of the day to respond to emergencies.

    If you know of any place that fits the above criteria and is interested in letting us park our trailer in their parking lot, please let us know. And remind them of the tax benefits of assisting an IRS 501(c)(3) organization...

    May 2004


    New York Search and Rescue responded to a mutual aid request in Rensselear County, NY, for two lost children.

    Eight Year old Terry Serson Jr and five year old Sara Petersen wandered away from Broken Wheel Campground in the town of Petersburgh on Friday afternoon, 28 June 2005.

    With temperatures dipping into the 30's overnight, search and rescue teams, augmented with police, fire, ems and local volunteers, put out a maximum effort all day on Saturday. Thankfully, the children were found alive and well (albeit a bit hypothermic and hungry) just before dark and were reunited with their concerned parents.

    Capital News 9 article
    Capital News 9 follow up article

    06 May 2004


    Plans are well underway for the Tri State Search & Rescue Conference. The location, Belleayre Mountain Ski Resort is in the middle of the Catskills and should be fairly conveneient (distance wise) for all attendees from the NY/NJ/northeat PA area and Belleayre is giving full use of all it's facilities on the mountain for the duration of our event.

    Joey N. has been appointed Logistics Chief (and Deputy Incident Commander) while John P. has been appointed Deputy Operations Chief. We can use all the help we can get from our team. If you're interested in helping with the planning and management of the event, contact one of the above mentioned people. And even if you're unavailable to assist before the event, there's a lot we can use help with at the event. We expect maximum team participation for this event.

    Here's a text version of the first flyer:


    15 - 19 September, 2004
    Belleayre Mountain Ski Area
    Highmont, NY (Northern Catskills)

    Sponsored by the NYS Federation of Search & Rescue, Search and Rescue Council of NJ, PA SAR Council Hosted by New Jersey Search and Rescue and New York Search & Rescue

    Training classes include:
    NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Certification Classes, NASAR SAR Tech Certifications, Multiple Canine Training Tracks, GPS Use, Digital Mapping, Personal Locator Beacons (PLB's), CASIE IV, Incident Command System 300, Map & Compass Challenge, Mounted SAR, Communications, Aircraft Search Management, Equipment Vendors including Newburgh Rescue Supply & SAR Camp, Plus our Famous Live Auction!

    The following requested classes are among others that are still in negotiation or planning: Wilderness Medical, Cave Rescue, Rope Rescue, SAR Management PA Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources (DCNR) Certification Classes

    Registration Will Open on June 1, 2004
    Tent, Car, Camper and RV (dry) Camping included (no hookups)

    Pre-Conference Program Costs: (15 - 16 September 2004)
    -Wednesday & Thursday: $60 / day or $100 / both ($85 / day after September 1st)
    (Includes: classes, camping, breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    -Wednesday & Thursday without meal service $50 / day ($60 / day after September 1st)

    Conference Sessions: (17 - 19 September 2004)
    -Friday Breakfast through Sunday Breakfast $130 ($150 after September 1st)
    -Friday or Saturday Daily Rate (with meals) $75/ day ($85 after September 1st)
    -Friday or Saturday without meal service $65 / day

    Program Fees:
    -All two-day canine track courses will cost $65.00 additional
    -Nominal fees for certain programs (NASAR certifications, etc)

    For general inquires or for a full registration/information package, send the below requested information to: registration@tristatesar.org -OR- SAR Council of NJ - TSSC, PO Box 304, Montvale, NJ 07645.

    02 March 2004

    The following is a press release regarding the Bedford DOG Park project we are assisting:

    Bedford Dog Park to be Memorial to Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11
    Bedford Park to Honor 9/11 K9 Search and Rescue Teams

    BEDFORD HILLS (March 2, 2004) – The U.S. Forest Service and the Urban Resources Initiative has awarded a Living Memorial Urban and Community Forestry Grant of $50,000 to the Bedford Dog Owners Group, Inc. Following 9/11, the U.S. Congress directed the Forest Service to provide cost-share grants for community projects that use “the resonating power of trees” to bring people together to create life-affirming green spaces for renewal and remembrance. Bedford Dog Owners Group, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, has been working with the Town of Bedford to develop a town dog park - the Bedford Canine Tribute Park – and applied for the Living Memorial grant to help fund needed reforestation and upgrades to the property. This 20-acre facility will be the first dog park in New York State and, one of perhaps only a few nationwide, to be dedicated to the heroic efforts of the K9 Search and Rescue Teams on 9/11. It will be the first dog park to be listed in the Living Memorial National Registry.

    “In the aftermath of the tragedy on 9/11, over 350 K9 Search and Rescue Teams from all over the world entered the debris field at Ground Zero and the Pentagon. Many of these teams were volunteers who answered an urgent call and stayed on for months working in dangerous conditions. These teams brought hope to the survivors of loved ones and strength and comfort to the rescue workers at the site.” said Patricia Barry, President of Bedford D.O.G. and author of the grant. “This park is an overdue tribute to the heroic efforts of these K9 Search and Rescue Teams and a salute to the work they continue to do to serve others in times of need.”

    “How wonderful that the grant for a dog park to honor the dogs that served at the World Trade Center has been approved by the U.S. Forest Service. As the commander of the first search and rescue K9 team inside the devastated site, you can only suspect the great tribute you do us all with this living and teaching dog park to honor Bear and all the other search and rescue dogs that followed him those terrible days. That you plan to incorporate a disaster dog training facility into the plan is truly to do us all honor. This action by the Town of Bedford is to be commended and keeps the spirit of those dogs and handlers that made these incredible sacrifices alive,” says Captain Scott Shields, President of Bear Search and Rescue Foundation. “Bedford D.O.G. is extremely grateful to Captain Shields for all his assistance in helping to secure funding for this project in Bedford,” said Patricia Barry.

    The park, located on the south side of Beaver Dam Road, will be owned and operated by the Town of Bedford as an off-leash dog park open to the general public. “I am absolutely thrilled!” said Dr. Marilynn Glasser, Director of Leisure and Human Services for the Town of Bedford Recreation and Parks Department and the Town’s dog park liaison. “The Bedford D.O.G. gang has done an outstanding job putting the proposal together and following through with the U.S. Forest Service. This is such an exciting project – I can’t wait to move forward! This is going to be an absolutely fabulous facility!”

    The Bedford Canine Tribute Park will include a tribute entrance to the 9/11 K9 Search and Rescue teams, three enclosed areas for play and approximately two miles of woodland trails for running and hiking. The enclosed areas include the “Canine Commons”, which boast a separate run for small dogs and one for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The third fenced-in section – the Search and Rescue Agility Area – will house agility equipment donated by New York Search and Rescue for use by local K9 teams and open to the general public. The woodland trails offers gathering points with views of Bedford’s countryside.

    The design for the Bedford Canine Tribute Park was donated by Richard Quigley of IQ Landscape Architects LLP in Bedford Hills. SAV-A-TREE of Bedford Hills provided technical assistance with the plans for the overall landscape of the park.

    “The Bedford Canine Tribute Park will be beautiful – and we’re excited to think that very soon we will have such a safe and fun meeting place for pet owners,” says Linda Trepel-Cantor, founder and Secretary of Bedford D.O.G. “Although people think that dog parks are just for dogs, I think that people get the better end of the deal. Dog parks strength communities and the common denominator of dog ownership helps to build bridges between groups of people that might not otherwise get a chance to meet. Our group’s goal is to make this park a community project – to get residents to join in the effort to honor our area’s K9 Search and Rescue teams. This park is for everyone.” “Besides, with warm weather approaching, what can beat a great romp in the woods with happy children and an excited dog?” adds Patricia Barry.

    Bedford D.O.G. has several fund-raising events planned in the upcoming year to raise approximately $70,000 for amenities including fencing, signage, benches, human/dog water fountains, and a K9 memorial sculpture. On April 18, 2004, Bedford D.O.G. will be hosting a Kid’s Dog Art Show and Grand Celebration at the Bedford Hills Community House. Planned fundraisers include a “Doggie Paddle Day” co-hosted by the Bedford Department of Recreation and Parks at one of the town pools (after Labor Day) and a “Going to the Dogs” fall cocktail party. In addition, individuals or businesses can sponsor needed park items, such as fencing, or can purchase a cement square for the memorial entrance walkway and create their own tribute (hand and paw prints are definitely welcome in this cement!). For a complete “wish list” visit www.bedforddog.blogspot.com or call Linda Trepel-Cantor at (914) 241-3852.

    Journal News (Patent Trader) article

    March 2004


    After much research and investigation, we have made a decision on which Mobile Command Center trailer would best fit our meeds: the Pilgrim 284RB. It is a 28 foot long trailer which should be able to do duty as a Mobile Command Center, Rehabilitation Area during non command use plus equipment storage.

    The order has been placed through Butler Home & RV Center in Orange County, NY (Port Jervis area) and we expect delivery around early June 2004.

    03 November 2003


    Palisades Search (27-28 OCTOBER 2003)

            NYSAR was activated on Monday 2 Oct 2003 by NJ SAR to assist on a search in the Palisades Interstate Park (State Line Park) for a missing hiker. The subject was a 56 year old male, was last seen at approximately 1615 hours on Sunday 26 October 2003, heading northbound on the main roadway inside of State Line Park. The subjects' vehicle was found parked in State Line Park.

            The search was under the overall supervision of the PIP (Palisades Interstate Park) Police. NJ SAR handled Incident Command for the SAR personnel.

            Six NYSAR members were on site Monday (27 Oct 2003) for the search in some ugly weather. Low 50's, very rainy, breezy and foggy. NJ SAR and Ramapo Rescue Dogs were also on scene.

            The search continued Tuesday (28 Oct 2003) morning and a report came in around midday that some items had been found by that were likely those of the subject and were right on the edge of a cliff. The PIP Police responded and the items were determined to be those of our subject.

            A team that had been tasked with searching the area directly below the cliffs were vectored to the LKP where the subject was found. The extrication of the subject proved to be very difficult as the team was working on a 45 degree slope of slick boulders. Eventually Piermont FD and the Coast Guard Auxiliary both responded with shallow draft boats and were able to extricate the subject and all members from the bottom of the cliff, with the assistance of Rockland County Police Aviation lighting the area.

            The teams from the bottom of the cliff had been reporting how difficult it was to traverse the cold, wet, slippery boulders. It took the team over 3 hours to move the subject a distance of less than 200 yards. And it should be noted that this group had not had a chance to return to base for lunch, dinner, a change of wet clothes or to warm up and only had access to the supplies they carried with them. Kudos to them for completing this very difficult task in arduous conditions.

    Thanks to everyone who was able to respond: John P, Crystal P, Chris P, Matt S, Joe G, Joey N, Mickey F, Mark C and Sharath B.

    Teams that responded:

    New Jersey Search & Rescue
    New York Search & Rescue
    Ramapo Rescue Dogs
    Central Jersey Technical Rescue
    North East Search & Rescue

    Other resources:

    Palisades Park Police
    New Jersey State Police harbor unit
    Piermont Fire Department Harbor/Dive unit
    Coast Guard Auxiliary
    Rockland County (NY) Police Aviation Unit

            Click here for copies of the Bergen Record (NJ) news article and photos

    22 September 2003


    Balance Bar Adventure Race (20 September 2003)

            Saturday 20 September 2003 was the Balance Bar Adventure Race in Harriman State Park. Our team, along with New Jersey SAR acted as the primary response team for any injuries / evacuation. We manned several checkpoints and crossings throught the race course and happily, there were no major incidents.

            We've done a number of these type events and anticipate that our support will be requested again for future events. These events are great opportunites for our new members to get some valuable field experience under the mentorship of our experienced team members. We ask that everyone continue to make themselves available for these events and use the opportunity to work the kinks out of your gear.

    06 September 2003


    Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - Manhattan, NY (06 September 2003)

            Saturday 06 September 2003 was the Service Dog Day at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, hosted by the Bear Search & Rescue Foundation to honor all types of service dogs. New York Search & Rescue was among about 50 agencies represented at the event. The Intrepid Museum staff said it was about their third biggest event to date.

            The Bear Search & Rescue Foundation also awarded Certificates of Appreciation to all the members of New York Search & Rescue that worked at the World Trade Center during the September 11, 2001 attack. We had about a dozen people who worked at the WTC for varing lengths of time, some as long as 2 months. The Bear Search & Rescue Foundation has been giving grants to various search and rescue teams to support their training and activations.

    19 August 2003


    Ramapo Reservation (14 August 2003)

            In the early morning hours of Thursday morning, 14 August 2003, we were alerted (through our affiliation in the NJ SAR Council) for a search in Ramapo Reservation for a suicidal subject.

            The end result of that search was that the subject was located, albeit deceased. He had, unfortunately, carried out his suicidal intent. Thank you to those members of our team who were on scene searching and remained on scene to assist in the evacuation of the subject.

    Saratoga, New York (15 August 2003)

            Our second call out of the week came late Friday (15 August 2003) night while most of us were still recovering from the biggest blackout to hit the northeast US. We were asked to assist (by the NY State Federation of Search & Rescue, working for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation) in a search for a missing male in Saratoga, NY who had been missing for 2 days in the wooded area near his home.

            We had several people who made the four plus hour trip on virtually no sleep and assisted the search effort. They combed the area directly in front of the subject’s home, which had the highest probability of area (POA) and determined that he had in fact NOT been in that area. Due in part to our findings, teams then searched the area behind the subject’s home (he was not expected to be in this area at all) and found him about a quarter of a mile away, in the woods, in fair condition, after being missing in excess of 72 hours. Last report was that the subject had suffered a stroke and would most likely be ok.

            A good job was done by all on both of these searches and we had no injuries reported. But we want to remind our members that we do have a critical incident stress debriefing specialist on the team who’s services are available to anybody who feels the need to talk about their experiences.

    02 July 2003


            On Monday 01 July 2003, we were requested to respond to a search in Princeton, New Jersey, for a missing 80 year old Alzheimers / Parkinsons afflicted individual.

            The Princeton Police Department was in charge of the search, although the Incident Commander (IC) was Eric Martin from Central Jersey Search & Rescue. He asked several teams to respond including Northeast SAR, Ramapo Rescue Dogs, New Jersey SAR and New York City Parks SAR. The Red Cross was on hand for assistance with refreshments and some sun shelters while the local volunteer ambulace / fire department also responded with some additional rehab equipment (the fan driven mister was a dream in the hot weather.)

            We were working communications at the time that the subject was found, alive and in good condition. He had lost at least one shoe and was on a dirt trail in a wooded area a mile or so from the Point Last Seen (PLS.)

            Thanks to everyone who was able to respond: Joey, Mickey, John P, Crystal P, Robey, Chris P and Sharath B.


    June 30, 2003


            NYSAR assisted NJ SAR at the NY Adventure Racing Association's 'Longest Day' competition in Harriman State Park on Saturday 28 June 2003. The event, which had competitors orienteering, canoeing, portaging, swimming and biking, ran from sunup to sundown.

            NJ SAR has been in constant contact with the race organizers since the event was announced and thus handled Incident Command. Realizing the communications nightmare that the mountainous terrain creates (numerous 1,000 foot peaks), they strategically placed human repeaters on varios hill tops to relay information to the field teams. While not all areas of the park can be adequately serviced this way, cell phone usage is far, far worse and the few dead spots we encountered were handled by roving radio relays.

            NY State Park Rangers were also of great assistance to all of us during the race, utilizing roving patrols and allowing us easier access to many of the areas we needed to get to.

            There were approximately 55 teams of 3 in the race, including one team that featured a member of NJ SAR in it (go Kaylee!) Fortunately, there were no major injuries to any of the competitors and all teams safely reached the checkpoints.


    June 20, 2003


            On Tuesday 17 June 2003, NYSAR was contacted by FOX News Network asking for more information on the upcoming 406 Mhz PLB's (Personal Locator Beacons.) After relating some information to them,they requested to interview us on Thursday, 19 June 2003.

            Joey, John & Mickey were able to accomodate the news crew, utlizing the Fire Academy at Camp Smith. MICROWAVE MONOLITHIC INC in California was nice enough to let us borrow two of their units and sent them overnight express. Using these units, we demonstrated the size and activation procedure for the news crew, as well as the audio portion of the homing beacon.

            The clip is scheduled to air the weekend of 04 July 2003 on the FOX News Network.


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