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New York Search & Rescue

All of our services are available, FREE, to Emergency Services organizations. This includes police, fire, EMS, emergency management and search and rescue teams.

If you or your organization do not meet that criteria, please contact us with your needs and we can help direct you on how best to proceed. We do make our services available for large events but it must be coordinated with the local emergency organization(s).

Services include:

      • Lost person searches
      • Missing person searches
      • Evidence searches
      • K9 scent tracking
      • K9 evidence searches
      • Low angle rescue
      • High angle rescue
      • Water rescue (limited)
      • Cave rescue support
      • Evacuations
      • Event contingency planning
      • Incident base support
      • Communications assistance
      • Standby support for any of the above

    Sorry, we do not search for lost pets...

For lost pets you can try Hudson Valley Lost & Found Pets. Click here.

DHS / FEMA Resource Typing:

      • Wilderness SAR Team: Type III -- trained to Type I skill level
      • Mountain SAR Team: Type III
      • Mobile Communications Center (Mobile EOC): Type IV
      • Communications Support Team: Type III
      • Swiftwater / Flood SAR: Type IV

        Updated 01 March 2006

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